Our Mission is to simplify extractions and socket grafting so that you can incorporate this procedure easily and predictably in your practice


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The Extraction Socket Grafting Masterclass is taught by Dr. Naheed Mohamed a Board Certified Periodontist and a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology using 5 comprehensive online modules.

 Extraction Socket Grafting Masterclass Program

The masterclass will teach you how to easily extract any tooth and graft the socket in order to preserve the ridge for a future implant or pontic site development. 

This online program teaches the extraction procedure as well as the bone grafting of the socket and shows a streamlined system with minimal instrumentation to allow you to feel confident in adding this service to your patients.

The ESG Masterclass will teach you the biology of socket healing as well as the basic concepts and science behind socket preservation. You will understand why bone grafting at the time of extraction is so important for preserving ridge volume and esthetics even if you are not sure you will be placing an implant in the future.  

This program will teach you how to extract any tooth in a simple and predictable manner using minimal instrumentation. Focus will be given on the basic principles of exodontia as well as more modern atraumatic techniques for removal of teeth. Simplified and streamlined instrumentation will be shown to allow you to extract teeth with ease and confidence.

A decision tree and treatment approach for multiple types of extraction socket situations will be taught showing how to treat each type for predictable results. The course will show multiple approaches to simple socket grafting, socket grafting in the esthetic zone and the importance of soft tissue, as well as GBR approaches to socket grafting when the socket itself is missing bony walls.

Cases will be shown with video and photographs all from Dr Mohamed’s private practice. Cases will teach multiple approaches to socket grafting in various situations using many different products.

The Extraction Socket Grafting Masterclass is taught using 5 training modules with 15 hours of online CE.

Module 1: Socket Preservation Concepts and Biology 
This module will focus on the biology of socket healing and the need for bone grafting to preserve the ridge. This section will discuss the healing of a socket, the need for bone grafting, various biomaterials used for grafting, as well as a socket classification system for deciding on treatment approaches.

ESG Members will learn:
- Biology and sequence of the healing of an extraction socket
- Need for bone grafting to preserve bone dimensions
- Different biomaterials used for treating sockets
- Socket classification system to aid in diagnosis and treatment
Module 2: Exodontia: Basics, Instrumentation, Simple and Complex Extraction Techniques
This module will teach the basic principles of extracting teeth as well as the instrumentation needed to complete the extraction procedure. This section will discuss a streamlined approach to extracting any tooth with ease and minimal instrumentation. Atraumatic techniques and tips for problem solving more complicated cases will also be shown.

ESG Members will learn:
- Basics of exodontia
- Streamlined instrumentation for extractions
- Simplified atraumatic extraction techniques
- How to feel confident removing any tooth
- Dealing with complications like a broken root tip
Module 3: Socket Preservation Bone Grafting Techniques 
This module will teach step by step in detail the socket preservation procedure. This module will mainly focus on socket grafting for intact sockets. Multiple approaches with different materials will be shown. The advantages and disadvantages of multiple approaches will be discussed as well. The socket grafting technique will be broken down in detailed steps so that you can easily understand how to incorporate this immediately in your practice.

ESG Members will learn:
- Detailed review of the socket grafting procedure 
- Discussion on cleaning the sockets and grafting them with bone
- How to insert the membrane or plug
- Multiple suturing techniques for the socket to keep the materials intact
- Multiple approaches to socket grafting
Module 4: Socket Grafting in the Esthetic Zone
This module will focus on socket grafting in the anterior esthetic zone. The focus here will be on cases where immediate implants are not possible or for pontic site development for an anterior bridge. Focus here will be to maintain ridge contours for natural looking prosthetic results. Grafting techniques shown in this section will involve both bone and soft tissue to maintain ridge contour.

ESG Members will learn:
- How to maintain ideal ridge dimensions in the esthetic zone
- The importance of bone and soft tissue for anterior extraction sites
- The use of the socket sealing with a soft tissue plug or the pedicle CTG
- Using minimally invasive approach to repair or replace a missing buccal plate
Module 5: GBR Approaches to Socket Grafting
This module will focus on severely destroyed sockets. This is from teeth with large infections which have destroyed socket walls as well as vertical bone height. This section will teach how to create and elevate flaps to allow larger augmentations for severely damaged sockets in order to build up the ridge for future restorations. A focus on guided bone regeneration to build up ridge volume will be the key aspect of discussion and teaching in this section.

ESG Members will learn:
- How to create flaps for severely broken down sockets
- How to use bone grafts and membranes for GBR approaches to socket grafting
- How to secure the membranes for maintenance and stability of the biomaterials
- What to do when you have missing buccal/palatal plates or vertical bone loss
BONUS 1: ONLINE Suture Clinic Hands-On LIVE REPLAY
The ability to precisely suture your cases is critical for your final results. Many different cases require the mastery of multiple suturing techniques. 

This Suture Clinic replay is a unique online training event with an extensive hands-on component that you can follow while watching. Dr. Mohamed demonstrates a suture technique and then participants can follow along and perform that suture using a rubber suture model pad. Recommendations are given for suture pads and materials you can order to get the most out of this hands on tutorial. 
BONUS 2: Benix Extraction and Socket Grafting Webinar Replay By Dr. Stephen Phelan 
During this training, Dr. Phelan shared a case that needed an extraction and socket grafting with a buccal plate defect. The tooth presented a difficult extraction and defect in the esthetic zone and Dr. Phelan filmed the step-by-step procedures with the Zeiss microscope to share during this webinar replay. 

You will see the extraction with the Benix system, socket evaluation and grafting and the suturing technique Dr. Phelan uses with these cases.
Bonus 3: Simplifying Bone Augmentation Webinar Replay
This webinar will present an overview of the key factors for predictable bone augmentation using real surgical cases. The participant will gain an understanding of prosthetically guided bone regeneration and ridge defect analysis using digital planning and cbct data. 

A discussion on differences between various bone graft and membranes types and benefits and drawbacks of each will be presented. Various bone augmentation techniques will be showcased to gain an understanding of the clinical application of the regenerative principles. Cases shown will vary from the use of particulate bone and resorbable membranes to the use of autogenous bone blocks for 3D reconstruction.
BONUS 4: Minimally Invasive Soft Tissue Grafting Techniques For Teeth and Implants
This training will showcase minimally invasive techniques in periodontal plastic surgery. A collection of microsurgical procedures will be demonstrated in order to treat conditions such as mucogingival defects, gingival recession, peri-implant defects, and papilla reconstruction.

Various treatment modalities and the scope of soft tissue dental surgery will be presented along with innovative suturing techniques. The viewer will gain a better understanding of the versatility of soft tissue grafting and its advantages in various surgical applications.
BONUS 5: Suturing Techniques For Socket Grafting - Livestream Replay
During the livestream Dr. Mohamed demonstrated Suturing Techniques
For Socket Grafting . This is one of the most critical steps for the success of your socket grafting procedure. Different ways to suture the membranes in place are shown. Questions can be asked below the replay.
Phelan Dental Seminars is an AGD Pace Program Provider and we administer a CE test for each of the 5 modules of BGM.
For Ontario dentists these points qualify for RCDSO Category 2 CE Points.
AGD Subject Code: 490, Course Type: self and Location: Self Instruction
Our Mission is to simplify extractions and socket grafting so that you can incorporate this procedure easily and predictably in your practice


Join today and become a Member of the Extraction Socket Grafting Masterclass. You will receive lifetime* access to the membership portal andsave $700.00 off the regular tuition with one payment of $1295.00 USD or 4 consecutive payments of $350.00 USD.

About Dr. Naheed Mohamed
Dr. Naheed Mohamed is a Canadian Board certified Periodontist and a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. Dr. Mohamed studied dentistry at the prestigious Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine. After completing his dental degree Dr. Mohamed went on further to specialize in Periodontics and Implant Surgery completing his residency at Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals in Cleveland. During his time in Cleveland, Dr. Mohamed completed a Master’s Degree in Regenerative Medicine focusing on platelet rich fibrin and its healing properties for soft tissue palatal wounds. Dr. Mohamed has particular interests in minimally invasive and digital approaches to surgery. He also focuses on the use of regenerative medicine in surgery and the use of bio-engineering to grow bone and soft tissue to restore natural contours and save natural teeth. He has published articles and co-authored a textbook on digital approaches to minimally invasive surgery. Dr Mohamed practices in Oakville and Mississauga focusing on periodontics and implantology. 
About Dr Stephen Phelan
Dr. Stephen Phelan is the founder of Phelan Dental Seminars. 

Stephen has a dental practice in Oakville, Ontario where he uses the techniques that are taught in his seminars daily to treat his patients. The focus of his clinical practice is cosmetic, implant and rehabilitation dentistry. He is very passionate about dental education and has spent hundreds of hours training with some of the best dental educators in the world including Drs. John Kois, Frank Spear, Peter Dawson, Dennis Tarnow, Daniel Buser, Jimmy Eubank, Jeff Morley, Bill Strupp, Otto Zhur, Marc Hurzeler and Pascal Magne. Dr. Phelan is the creator of the Porcelain Veneer Masterclass, Core Build-Up Masterclass,  Occlusion Design and Velocity Elite online training programs for dentists.
* Lifetime access refers to the life of the program. We expect the Extraction Socket Grafting Masterclass to be offered for the next 5 years and you will have access for this entire time.