Our Mission Is To Simplify Posterior Composite Resin Techniques To Make Them Better, Faster, Easier, Profitable And Predictable In Your Practice


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PCM is taught by Dr. Bob Margeas and Dr. Marcos Vargas using 4 clinical training modules.

 Posterior Composite Masterclass

If you have experienced difficulty with contacts, deep margins or post-op sensitivity with posterior composite resins this New Masterclass is for you!

 PCM Masterclass Modules
The Posterior Composite Masterclass is taught by Dr. Bob Margeas and
Dr. Marcos Vargas using 4 different clinical modules. This online course is based on a foundation of science, dental research and the literature but grounded in the practical clinical experience of Bob and Marcos. 

Details for each module are listed below. 
Module One: Adhesive Techniques And Isolation For Posterior Composites
If you are having problems with sensitivity when placing posterior composite restorations this module will teach you how to prevent it. Techniques discussed will virtually eliminate any issues with this problem. What adhesive systems out there offer the best results in the most efficient manner? The new Universal adhesives are here to stay but do they live up to their hype? We will address this in great detail. Do we need Bio Active materials, and are they really accomplishing what they claim? Find out in Module 1. We will also teach you how and when to remove all carious dentin and isolation techniques specifically for posterior restorations.  

What PCM members will learn:
•    Adhesive techniques for posterior composites to improve quality and eliminate sensitivity
•    Different generations of adhesive products and how to use them in posterior composites
•    Rubber dam isolation and other isolation techniques in the posterior.
•    When and how to use bases and liners
•    Are Bioactive materials worth using
•    Should I be using desensitizing agents
•    How to use and test your curing lights to ensure a quality result
•    Does all carious dentin need to be removed
•    Different composite material types for posterior cases. Nano, bulk fill, flowable
•    The applications of posterior glass ionomer and sealants
Module Two: Posterior Composites Foundational Techniques
Are you are having any difficulties with your posterior composite restorations? We all have had problems at some point with these technique sensitive procedures.  

This foundational module is designed to jump start your technique, so you never have an open, poorly shaped contact and understand how to contour and polish posterior composites to eliminate flash and overhangs for ultimate function and esthetics. 

Are wooden wedges better than the newer plastic ones? An in-depth discussion on how to choose the right ring and matrix system along with what materials work best will be shown to achieve a tight contact and proper anatomical form.  

Posterior composite resins are a procedure most of us do every day in our offices and this module will teach you to make them better, faster, easier, profitable and predictable in your practice.

What PCM members will learn:
•    Step-by-step techniques and workflow for different posterior composites.
•    Where and when to use flowable materials for posterior composites.
•    Ideal cavity preparation designs for posterior composites.
•    Different ring and matrix systems to create tight contacts with no overhangs.
•    Preventing white lines.
•    How to deal with deep and extensive caries lesions.
•    How to contour and polish posterior composites.
•    What instruments work the best for posterior composites- from placement to finishing.
•    What is the "Snowplow Technique" and should you use it.
•    Which burs are best for preparation and finishing.
•    Which wedges are best.
•    Is heating composites a good or bad idea?
•    Microconservative cavity preparation techniques and materials
•   The applications of posterior glass ionomer and sealants
Module Three: Posterior Composites Advanced Techniques
This module will build on the foundation you learned in module 2 and teach you how to manage even more difficult and challenging cases. 

Many times, patients present with fractured posterior cusps, deep recurrent decay, or multiple failing restorations. How do you determine when to do a posterior composite resin vs a crown or onlay? How do you handle back to back class 2 restorations? Should these restorations be completed simultaneously, or individually? What about the buzz word “biomimetic”? Is that a particular restoration? If there is deep subgingival decay and isolation is an issue, how do you handle those clinical situations. This Module will answer these questions and more to teach you how to manage difficult clinical situations with posterior composite resins. 

What PCM members will learn:
•    Step-by step techniques and workflow for advanced posterior composites
•    How to manage deep and extensive caries lesions
•    Deep margin elevation materials and techniques
•    Bulk fill materials and techniques that will eliminate sensitivity problems clinicians are experiencing with these materials
•    Managing back to back class 2 and quadrant cases.
•    The Stamp technique.
•    Custom ring and wedge techniques with Teflon and other materials
•    How to use the Bioclear posterior system and Injection mold?
•    Using sonic preparation for conservative designs and the protection of the adjacent teeth and restorations
Module Four: Indirect Posterior Composite Techniques
Would you like to add indirect posterior composite resins to your practice, but you don't want to invest huge sums of money in a CAD/CAM system?

When a patient presents with a large restoration wanting it replaced, how do you choose between a direct composite, indirect composite, or an indirect porcelain? What if you do not own a scanner or a CAD/CAM? Can you create value, and a beautiful indirect restoration in one appointment using a simple and cheaper solution? How can this be done in an efficient, economical, and profitable manner?

 This module will teach you a step-by-step indirect posterior composite technique with live video of an actual patient, that can be incorporated immediately into your practice. This technique can pay for the entire PCM course with the first restoration. 

What PCM members will learn:
•    Fabricating larger Indirect posterior composites on a flexible silicone model instead of CAD/CAM or lab fabrications.
•    Which materials to use for the silicone model.
•    Which composite and luting materials to use.
•    Step-by step fabrication techniques and workflow.
•    Bonding your indirect composite restorations.
•    Finishing and polishing these restorations.
 Membership Bonus Package
BONUS 1: 50 Years of Composite Resins: The Most Versatile Material
with Dr. Buddy Mopper
Webinar Replay
During this webinar replay Dr. Mopper taught his philosophy of composite resins that he has utilized over the last 50 years.

His methods and techniques have been taught for over 40 years and have produced some of the finest composite resins dentists in the world. His candid teaching and no nonsense approach is a breath of fresh air. No secrets will be kept.

Come learn from one of the founders of Cosmedent and a legend in composite resins.

BONUS 2: Members Fast Start Webinar Replay- VIDEO CASE STUDY
Tips For Restoring Back To Back Class 2 Restorations
During this bonus fast start webinar Dr. Bob Margeas and Dr. Marcos Vargas will share a new video case study with back to back class 2 restorations. 

Bob and Marcos will share with you different tips and techniques for this challenging clinical situation.  

The members fast start webinar is posted to your PCM membership portal.
Phelan Dental Seminars is an AGD Pace Program Provider. 
You will receive CE points for attending each of the live module webinars. 
AGD Subject Code: 250, Course Type: self and Location: Self Instruction
Our Mission Is To Simplify Posterior Composite Resin Techniques To Make Them Better, Faster, Easier, Profitable And Predictable In Your Practice


Join today and become a member of the Posterior Composite Masterclass. You will receive lifetime* access to the PCM membership portal and save $700.00 off the regular tuition with one payment of $795.00 USD or 4 payments of $220.00 USD.

About Dr. Robert Margeas
Dr. Margeas graduated from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry in 1986 and completed his AEGD residency the following year. He is currently an adjunct professor in the department of Operative Dentistry at the University of Iowa. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Operative Dentistry. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry, a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, American Society for Dental Aesthetics and International Team of Oral implantologists (ITI). He has written numerous articles on esthetic and implant dentistry, and lectures and presents hands-on courses nationally and internationally on those subjects. He is currently the Editor in Chief of Inside Dentistry, on the Editorial Board of Compendium, and is a contributing editor to Oral Health in Canada. His memberships include OKU Honor Dental Society, American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, and the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry. Dr. Margeas maintains a full-time private practice focusing on comprehensive restorative and implant dentistry in Des Moines, Iowa.
About Dr. Marcos Vargas
Dr. Marcos Vargas attended Cayetano Heredia University School of Dentistry in Lima,
Peru and graduated in 1985. He spent two years, 1990 to 1992, in the AEGD
program at the Eastman Dental Center in Rochester, New York. Dr. Vargas received
his Certificate and master’s degree in Operative Dentistry in 1994 at the University of
Iowa where he is currently a Professor in the Department of Family Dentistry. His
primary research interests are in the area of dental materials including glass
ionomers, dentin bonding, composite resins and esthetic dentistry. Dr. Vargas is also
recognized for his expertise of Direct Restorative Treatment Procedures and
conducts numerous lecture and hands-on seminars in the US and internationally. Dr.
Marcos Vargas has published extensively in the area of dental adhesion and resin
composites for over 25 years. He maintains a private practice limited to Restorative
Dentistry with an emphasis on aesthetic dentistry.
About Dr Stephen Phelan
Dr. Stephen Phelan is the founder of Phelan Dental Seminars. 

Stephen has a dental practice in Oakville, Ontario where he uses the techniques that are taught in his seminars daily to treat his patients. The focus of his clinical practice is cosmetic, implant and rehabilitation dentistry. He is very passionate about dental education and has spent hundreds of hours training with some of the best dental educators in the world including Drs. John Kois, Frank Spear, Peter Dawson, Dennis Tarnow, Daniel Buser, Jimmy Eubank, Jeff Morley, Bill Strupp, Otto Zhur, Marc Hurzeler and Pascal Magne. Dr. Phelan is the creator of the Porcelain Veneer Masterclass, Core Build-Up Masterclass,  Occlusion Design and Velocity Elite online training programs for dentists.