FREE Treatment Planning the Restorative/TMD Patient Webinar With Dr. Jim McKee

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It is Time to Rethink “TMD”
Treatment Planning the Restorative/
TMD patient
Join Dr. Jim McKee and Dr. Stephen Phelan for a free webinar exploring a new thought process regarding the TM joints.
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Most dentists spend their entire career avoiding the TM joints. When dentists think about the traditional TMD patient, the first thought is usually about pain, the second thought is about clenching and grinding due to stress and the third thought is where to refer the patient?  As a profession, we have defined TMD patients through pain.

While we assume TMD patients present with pain, the far more common clinical presentation of a TMD patient is some type of malocclusion. Class II occlusions, canted occlusal planes, anterior open bites, cross bites, overbites, overjets, facial asymmetries, compressed airway anatomy and worn teeth are all examples of conditions that are the result of anatomic changes in the TM joints. The clinical reality is that every dentist treats TMD patients every day…we just don’t know we are treating TMD patients.

Since we are treating TMD patients daily, it is a good time to rethink TMD. If we can recognize the role TM joints play in malocclusions, we can increase the predictability of our occlusal, orthodontic, restorative, orthognathic and airway treatment. If we recognize the common clinical presentations of joint based malocclusions, we can develop a treatment planning protocol that will help the patient understand the advantages and disadvantages of different treatment options.

This webinar will concentrate on patients you see everyday in your practice. We will discuss how to recognize joint based malocclusions during the clinical exam and what diagnostic tools are necessary to confidently assess the risk factors at the joint level.

We will also present a treatment planning protocol that can be used for any patient to help clarify some of the confusion related to the patient who requires restorative treatment and also has structural changes in the TM joints. This webinar will have a strong emphasis on treatment planning through case studies of patients with injured TM joints.

During This Free Webinar You Will Learn:
  • ​Understand the connection between structural changes in the jaw joint and common malocclusions
    seen daily in the restorative practice.
  • Understand the algorithm for treating structurally altered TM joints in patients requiring occlusal,
    orthodontic, restorative, orthognathic and/or airway treatment.
  • ​Understand how TM joint imaging with MRI and CBCT provides information to develop a treatment
    planning protocol that will result in increased clinical predictability and case acceptance for the
    restorative-TMD patient.
This webinar will feature actual case studies from Dr. McKee’s private practice. The presentation will focus on Treatment Planning the Restorative/TMD patient.
About Dr. Jim McKee
Jim McKee is in private practice in Downers Grove, Illinois. Jim has a restoratively based practice with an emphasis on occlusion and temporomandibular joint disorders. In addition to private practice, Jim is a published author who has lectured national and internationally for over 25 years. Jim provides a new perspective on occlusion and TM joints that helps increase the predictability of occlusal, orthodontic, restorative, orthognathic and airway treatment options for both the patient and the dentist. He is the founder of the Chicago Study Club program and has extensive experience in directing study clubs in the United States and Canada. He is a Resident Faculty member at Spear Education in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jim is a past-president of the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry and the American Equilibration Society.

About Dr. Stephen Phelan
Dr. Stephen Phelan is the founder of Phelan Dental Seminars. 

Stephen has a dental practice in Oakville, Ontario where he uses the techniques that are taught in his seminars daily to treat his patients. The focus of his clinical practice is cosmetic, implant and rehabilitation dentistry. He is very passionate about dental education and has spent hundreds of hours training with some of the best dental educators in the world including Drs. John Kois, Frank Spear, Peter Dawson, Dennis Tarnow, Daniel Buser, Jimmy Eubank, Jeff Morley, Bill Strupp, Otto Zhur, Marc Hurzeler and Pascal Magne. Dr. Phelan is the creator of the Porcelain Veneer Masterclass, Core Build-Up Masterclass,  Occlusion Design and Velocity Elite online training programs for dentists.